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What is Derby Festival Pin Trading?
Kentucky Derby Festival Pin Trading is just another great way to participate in your favorite community celebration. Derby Festival fans have been stuffing old pins in drawers for over forty (40) years and this is a great way to remember and share them. Derby Festival fans can trade Festival pins with fellow pin enthusiasts or Kentucky Derby Festival Trading Team Members. Whether you’ve been collecting pins since 1973 or this is your first Derby Festival, Pin Trading is a great, new way to get in on the fun!

Where do I start?
It’s easy. You can begin with current Kentucky Derby Festival pins you already own or the best way is to purchase a pin trading starter kit. Look for pin trading locations at the Chow Wagon, Thunder Over Louisville, Parade Preview and more. (A full listing is available on our web site at Each starter kit has a lanyard, medallion and four (4) pins. Then the fun begins. Introduce yourself to fellow Kentucky Derby Festival fans you see wearing Derby Festival pins and initiate a trade. You can also trade with any member of the official Kentucky Derby Festival Trading Team. These are the volunteers that have been working to produce the many fun events of the celebration. Check the pin protocol for simple rules about courteous trading transactions and enjoy the new “pin pals” you make!

You mean there’s more than just the Pegasus Pin!
The Kentucky Derby Festival has been offering pins for over forty (40) years. We started with the plastic Pegasus Pin in 1973. In 1975, metal Balloon Race pins were available to Balloon Race entrants only. In 1989, a Event Pin Program was added featuring a metal Pegasus Pin, and four other Festival events including the Great Balloon Race, miniMarathon, Pegasus Parade and Great Steamboat Race. The Event Pin Program has grown over the past twenty-four years and has included as many as 27 event pins in a complete set as well as numerous Corporate Sponsor pins.

Derby Festival fans have been collecting and trading pins unofficially for many years. This program offers a way to share that tradition with new generations of Thunder and Balloon Race fans and more. Invite your entire family to participate in the tradition of pin trading.

What Pins are available to share?
If you thought there was just one Pegasus Pin each year, you’ll be surprised to learn the array of pins produced each Festival. There are pins produced for many different events, sponsor pins, and one for each balloon in the U.S. Bank Great BalloonFest. Add to that the pins from the past forty plus years and there’s lots of trading to keep you busy. The Fun of Kentucky Derby Festival Pin Trading is in the amazing variety of pins. Collect or trade pins of your favorite events or the highly collectible Pegasus Pins. Get the whole family involved in locating pins from the Basketball Classic, BalloonFest, Bed Races, Marathon, miniMarathon, Chow Wagon, Fest-a-Ville, Thunder Over Louisville, Volleyball Classic, WineFest and the many other events. Then make it a point to visit each of the events you have collected a pin from and you’ll add a new dimension of fun to your Derby Festival experience.


  • Derby Festival pin trading is a unique way to interact with fellow Board Members, Derby Festival Fans, and the volunteers who produce the annual celebration
  • Anyone with at least one authentic Derby Festival pin can participate. No age restrictions.
  • Pins traded must be authentic and in good condition.
  • Be courteous trading only one pin at a time.
  • Festival Fans may trade a maximum of three pins with each Kentucky Derby Festival Trading Team Member. There is no limit to the number of pins traded with a fellow Derby Festival Fan.
  • Only authentic pins that have Kentucky Derby Festival, Derby Festival, Pegasus Pin, or an official Festival event name will be accepted for trading.
  • Pins offered for trade should be different than those currently displayed on a Kentucky Derby Festival Trading Team Member.
  • Tradable pins include any authentic, Derby Festival pins produced between 1973 and 2013, including corporate sponsor pins.
  • No cash or gifts may be exchanged in a true pin trading transaction.
  • Smile. Every pin trading experience must begin and end with a smile. It’s Festival time…..Celebrate!

Disclaimer –

Rules are subject to change without notice. Festival Fans suspected of operating an unauthorized pin business in a Festival event venue or Festival Fans violating any Festival event rules shall be subject to, among other things, ejection from such Festival event venues.

November 9 - December 7