FAQs & Pegasus Pin Updates

Why a Pegasus? 

The Pegasus Pin was modeled after the Kentucky Derby Festival’s traditional symbol of the Pegasus, which was established with the very first Pegasus Parade. (The Pegasus Parade was also the event that started it all!) Dubbed the “Pegasus” Parade for the winged horse of Greek mythology, the first event was to symbolize the magic, energy and excitement the Festival hoped to generate before it was fully established. 


What is the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin Sponsorship Program? 

The Pegasus Pin Sponsorship program was started as an awareness campaign for the Derby Festival in 1973. At that time only 10,000 of the plastic pins were produced. Since then, the pin sponsorships have become one of the primary sources of funding for the Festival. 

A pin sponsorship investment is a way fans can support the Kentucky Derby Festival, a not-for-profit organization that produces world-class entertainment every spring. Even though the Pegasus Pin will not “get you into events” this year, it is still an integral part of the Festival and a key fundraiser .  

The Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin Sponsorship Program includes the following benefits: 

  • Every Pegasus Pin Sponsorship envelope includes 8 coupons for discounts provided by local retail partners. 
  • Every mystery Pegasus Pin 1973-2021, including Gold Pin Winners, are eligible to win a Weekly Grand Prizes! 
  • Gold Pegasus Pins are eligible for the Gold Pin Grand Prize of $15,000 as well as the Weekly Grand Prizes! Your Gold Pegasus Pin is yours to keep after registering for the Grand Prize Drawings online. 

*In order to be eligible for these benefits, Pegasus Pin Sponsors (purchasers) must register their pins at PegasusPins.com and enter the registration code. Each Pegasus Pin Envelope includes a “registration card” with an alphanumeric number and EIGHT (8) valuable coupons. 


How much is a Pegasus Pin? 

The Pegasus Pins are $6.00 and can be purchased at select local retailers or online beginning March 1st  

Click HERE to find a retailer near you.   

The 2021 Variety Fun Pack has the best savings for a Family – 5 Pegasus Pins in one envelope, for $25.00. (That’s $5 in savings!) Plus, you’re guaranteed a 2021 pin. 


When can I buy a Pegasus Pin? 

Pegasus Pins will arrive at select retailers around Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana the week of March 1st, 2021!


Why should I register my pin? 

Registering your pins online unlocks your chances to win one of the Weekly Grand Prizes in the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin Sponsorship Program! 

The Festival will give away 10 Grand Prizes over the course of eight 8 weeks and any Pegasus Pin can win!  The prizes will be given away on Fridays beginning Friday, March 12, through Friday, April 30 on WAVE 3 7PM Newscast. 

If you find a Gold Pegasus Pin, you’ll be eligible to be entered to win the new Gold Pin Grand Prize of $15,000 cash!

It’s easy to register your pins, just click HERE to begin. 


Which pins can I register? 

You can register ANY non-metal Pegasus Pin with a 2020 or 2021 registration card! This includes the 2021 Pegasus Pin, the 2021 Pegasus Gold Pin, AND any Vintage pins you purchase this year with a 2021 Registration Card. The Pegasus Pin is a $6.00 minimum sponsorship investment and comes in a Pegasus Pin Envelope with a Registration Card. This includes both the Main plastic Pegasus Pin & the Gold  Plastic Pegasus Pin. (Metal pins are not eligible.) 


I opened my pin envelope and it contained a past year pin. Was this a mistake?  

New this yearthere’s a surprise pin in every envelope! To pay tribute to the tradition of the Festival, some envelopes will have the new 2021 Pegasus Pin, and others will have a vintage Pin from 1973-2020.  

Each pin holds memories and a piece of history, so we encourage Festival fans to try to collect them all!  


Am I still eligible for the Grand Prize Program if the pin envelope I purchased didn’t have the 2021 Pegasus Pin design? 

YES! Any Pegasus Pin attached to a 2021 registration card can be registered online at PegasusPins.com and is eligible to win one of the 10 Weekly Grand Prize giveaways offered over the course of eight (8) weeks beginning Friday, March 12.

Opened a gold pin that was a past year design? You can still win too! Register your Gold Winner Pin online at PegasusPins.com to be eligible for a chance to win the Gold Pin Grand Prize of $15,000 cash and weekly Grand Prizes 


What are my chances of winning with a pin? 

Everyone is a winner with the purchase of a Pegasus Pin! Each envelope includes bundle of coupon offers from various retailer partners, plus it includes the opportunity to win a FREE weekly Grand Prize.  

With nearly 10,000 Gold Pegasus Pins in circulation, the odds of finding a Gold Pin are approximately 1 in 10. Along with the chance to win the weekly Grand Prizes, the Gold Pins include the chance to win the Gold Pin Grand Prize, which is $15,000 cash! 


How many pins can I register? 

You can register as many pins as you want! The more pins you purchase and register, the more chances you will have to win. 


What are the Coupon Offers? 

Each Pegasus Pin envelope includes an offer from Great Clips, as well as eight (8) coupons from other retail partners. You can find a full list of the Coupon offers HERE. 


What is the Variety Fun Pack of Pegasus Pins? 

Variety Fun Packs are $25.00. Packs have five (5) individual mystery Pegasus Pins from 1973-2021. This bundled opportunity offers $5 in savings, as well as exclusive coupon offers geared toward family fun from Festival Sponsors such as Papa John’s! Plus, you’re guaranteed a 2021 Pegasus Pin.  


How many possible prizes are there? 

There will be 10 Grand Prize giveaways over the course of eight (8) weeks, with most Prizes valued at $2,500 or more. ClicHERE for a complete list. 

With a Gold Pegasus Pin, an additional Grand Prize of $15,000 is possible. 


What are event pins? 

Event pins are a collection of metal Pins created every year to represent select Derby Festival events. Each Pin represents a different event, which means that there are sometimes over 100 different designs to be collected. The metal event pins are typically seen as collector items. Most event pins are $8 and can be purchased online. Click HERE to shop.  


Where do Pegasus Pin proceeds go? 

Pegasus Pins are one of the primary sources of funding for the not-for-profit Kentucky Derby Festival—making up about 20% of the overall operating budget.  

It’s an individual sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby Festival and way fans can continue to support the Festival during these extraordinary times.   

While the Pegasus Pins won’t get you into events in 2021, they are still a great way to ensure the Kentucky Derby Festival will be here for another 66 years!  


I purchased a 2020 Pegasus Pin last year. Am I still eligible for this year’s Pin Program and Grand Prize Giveaways? 

Yes! All 2020 Pegasus Pins purchased last year are still eligible for this year’s perks and prizes. Just be sure to register your pin online at PegasusPins.com. The same applies for 2020 Gold Pegasus Pins too!  Already registered? No further action is required–you’re already in our Grand Prize Drawing database.


I already have past year Pegasus Pins. How can I guarantee my 2021 Pegasus Pin envelope has the 2021 pin design? 

We provide the option to purchase a 2021 Pegasus Pin envelope that guarantees a 2021 pin design online. Click HERE to add to your collection!


If you have any further questions about the Pegasus Pin Sponsorship Program, please contact the Pin Program for more information at (502) 572-3846 or email at PegasusPins@kdf.org.