What is a Pegasus Pin Sponsorship?

Why Buy A Pegasus Pin?


The Pegasus Pin sponsorship program began as an awareness campaign for the Derby Festival in 1973. At that time, only 10,000 of the plastic pins were produced. The 1973 version of the pin is valued at $800-$1,000 and it’s rare to find them.

Since then, the pins have become one of the primary sources of funding for Derby Festival events. A pin sponsorship investment is a way fans can support the Kentucky Derby Festival, a not-for-profit organization providing world-class entertainment. In recent years, more than 250,000 of the pins are produced each year. This year, there will be nearly 100,000 in circulation.

The Pegasus Pin Program is more exciting than ever and offers more opportunities to WIN PRIZES!


Why a Pegasus Pin? 

More than a sign of Spring, Pegasus Pins are a key fundraiser for the non-profit Kentucky Derby Festival. Although the 2021 Derby Festival will be different, Pegasus Pins are still a great way to share the Festival spirit and help ensure your favorite events will be here for another 66 years! 


What’s New for 2021? 

New this year, there’s a surprise pin in every envelope! You’ll receive either the new 2021 Pin or a vintage Pin from 1973-2020. Each Pin holds a piece of history so try to collect them all! Find yours at participating retailers for only $6.


What can you win? 

The Festival will be giving away 10 Grand Prizes over the course of eight (8) weeks and any 2021 Pegasus Pin can win. The Prizes will be given away on Fridays beginning Friday, March 12 through Friday, April 30.  

Those who find and register a Gold Pegasus Pin also have a chance to win a new $15,000 cash prize to be given away Friday, May 7. With nearly 10,000 gold pins in circulation, the odds of finding a Gold  Pegasus Pin are approximately 1 in 10 

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